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The division of tasks in the core semester and the electives are based on the expertise of the university offering the module and, moreover, based on the expertise of the lecturers themselves. All modules are offered by lecturers who are experts in this area at least on a national level and very often on an international level as well. Almost all lecturers hold a Doctorate.

Those modules of the core semester of more than 4 credits (social research methods and social welfare state) are provided by teams of lecturers from different partner universities/countries.

Thesis: two lecturers from two different partner universities/countries, at least one holding a Doctorate, are involved in each thesis.

  Modules Partner university Teaching staff
  Introduction Groningen Mr. W.L. Nieuwenhuijsen
C1 English Communication: writing skills for Social Work Groningen M. Troia-Bruyn, PhD
C2 Scientific competences Freiburg Prof. dr. N. Schirilla
A.M. Mertens, MA
C3 Comparative social policy Odense

Assist. Prof. Igor Guardiancich
C4 Distance learning   Dr. A. Quinney
C5 Project management Groningen Mr. W.L. Nieuwenhuijsen/
L.M. Gijsbers
E1 Applied gerontology Freiburg Prof. dr. C. Kricheldorff
E2 Intercultural Social Work Freiburg
Prof. dr. N. Schirilla
H.S. Sulman, MA
E3 Social Work and human rights Vilnius Prof. L. Zalimiene, PhD
E. Sumskiene, PhD
E4 Globalization, Europeanization and social policy Vilnius Prof. Dr. R. Lazutka

E5 Psychosocial rehabilitation Groningen Prof. dr. E.L. Korevaar
J.A. Kroes, MRC
E6 Labour participation and social inclusion Groningen Prof. dr. L. Polstra
Drs. J.G. Rothfusz
Dr. H. Oldenhuis
E7 EU and social policy reform Odense I. Guardiancich, PhD
E8 Knowledge development in Social Work Odense I. Skytte Jakobsen, PhD
S. Jørgensen, MSc
E9 Community intervention in Social Work Málaga Prof. dr. M. de las Olas Palma García
Prof. dr. F. Cosano Rivas
T. Carrión Robles, MSc
E10 Social law and social protection Málaga Prof. M. L. Gómez Jiménez, PhD
Dr. M. Fernandez Alonso
E11  Problematic drug and alcohol use Newcastle Dr Alison McInnes
Will McGovern
E13 Children and youth at risk Odense
I. Skytte Jakobsen, PhD
Drs. C. Vink
T1 Final master thesis All partner universities Prof. J. Buzaityte-Kašalyniene, PhD

Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, the Netherlands - HG

L.M. Gijsbers

Mr. Bert Gijsbers has been a Social Worker for 12 years, specialized in empowering multi problem families and marginalized people. After that, he became manager in Social Work, and introduced several new methods in Social Work in the Netherlands. He has experience in leading multi disciplinary teams in Social Work. Since 1989 he has been working at HG. As team manager he was responsible for the development of 6 deepening programmes and the thesis of the bachelor course of the School of Social Studies of HG. He is active in international teaching and cooperation.

He was president of the association for youngsters and adults with Autism in the northern part of the Netherlands, which brought him experience in social inclusion of mentally disabled people.


Prof. dr. E.L. Korevaar

Mr. Lies Korevaar is an expert and 'Lector' in the field of Rehabilitation, and leader of the Research and Innovation Centre for Rehabilitation, linked to the schools of Social Studies and Nursing of HG. This is the only specific centre in this field in the Netherlands. He has strong contacts with organizations in the field of welfare and health, both within the Netherlands and abroad.


J.A. Kroes, MA

Ms. Jolanda Kroes has been working in Forensic Psychiatry, both as a Social Worker and as manager of the in service training unit of a clinic for psychiatric offenders. After that, she became a senior lecturer at HG. She is coordinator of the specialization in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, and lecturing in social pedagogics as well. She is actively involved in international teaching and cooperation. She is working on her PhD thesis, next to teaching.


Dr. H. Oldenhuis

Mr. Hilbrand Oldenhuis is lecturer and researcher in Applied Psychology. He teaches Social Psychology and research methods, and is coordinator of the Honours programme for Applied Psychology students. His research is in labour participation, especially concerning (how to increase) labour participation of vulnerable groups, such as young disabled people and long term unemployed people.


Prof. dr. L. Polstra

Mr. Louis Polstra started working as a graduated nurse in a crisis centre of a psychiatric hospital. Later, he started an academic career as researcher, lecturer and project manager of research projects about processes of marginalization of vulnerable groups. He is a pioneer in the research field of the homeless. He has been Head of the Research Department of the city of Groningen. Since 2007 he is Professor ('Lector') in Labour Market participation at HG.

Besides his work at HG, he is project manager at the social service centre (UWV) of the city of Groningen. He is also chairman of the foundation STAND, which supports research projects in the area of adult education or social intervention.


Drs. J.G. Rothfusz

Ms. Jacquelien Rothfusz studied Philosophy and Psychology. She started her career as socio-therapist and psychologist at an institution for mental care. After that, she has been teaching at various hospital in-service training units. Since 1987 she is lecturer at the HG School of Social Studies, and also involved in the Centre of Expertise on Labour Market Participation. She has been internationalization coordinator at the School of Social Studies, and has also coordinated a LEONARDO project called 'Integration of immigrants and refugees: towards citizenship in a democratic society'. Apart from teaching, she is also working on her PhD thesis.


H.S. Sulman, MA

Ms. Hanneke Sulman has a Master of Education in the Arts. Before that, she also studied both Music and Fine Arts, and has been teaching Music as well. She has been lecturing at the School of Social Studies since 1985. Her expertise lies with arts and creativity as a medium in Social Work, Intercultural Communication and integration of 'newcomers'.


M. Troia-Bruyn, PhD

Ms. Marion Troia is an expert in Intercultural Communication. Apart from teaching to students, she also gives courses in intercultural teaching to teaching staff.

She holds a Master of Arts in Education, and several Postgraduate Certificates in professional studies in Education and language learning, including second language acquisition. She recently defended her PhD thesis related to intercultural learning and teaching.


C. Vink, MA

Ms. Caroline Vink is senior advisor on international child & youth policy at the Netherlands Youth Institute for Care and Welfare (NIZW). She focuses on policy developments in the field of youth of international bodies such as the European Union, Council of Europe and the United Nations, and is involved in the implementation process of the European Youth Strategy. She has organized several international expert meetings on child and youth issues, bringing together knowledge from various European countries, and has written a quick scan on youth care systems in various European countries at the request of the Dutch government.

Katholische Hochschule Freiburg, Germany - KHF

Prof. dr. C. Kricheldorff

Ms. Cornelia Kricheldorff is Vice Rector of KHF, Director of the Institute for Applied Research, Development and Training, and Head of the Master programmes. She is an expert in the field of Gerontology/the elderly. Her teaching is in the fields of Applied Gerontology, Social Work in Healthcare and Empirical Social research. Ms. Kricheldorff gives many public and guest lectures at other universities.


Prof. dr. N. Schirilla

Ms. Nausikaa Schirilla has been involved in developing a (national) Master course in Social Work since 2004, and in running it since 2006. She has also been involved in international university cooperation. She is Professor in International Social Work: Social Work and Globalization. As specialists in the fields of Intercultural Social Work and Gerontology/the elderly she will contribute to the programme as well.


A.M. Mertens, MA

Ms. Angelina Mertens has a Master of Global Studies from the University of Buenos Aires and Freiburg. Before that she also studied Social Work at the Catholic University of Freiburg, specializing in the area of gerontology and health, as well as globalization and social work. She has been working in several projects with NGOs in Asia over the last three years and is actively involved in international cooperation and exchange.


Syddansk Universitet, Odense, Denmark - SDU

Assistant prof. I. Guardiancich

Mr. Igor Guardiancich is Assistant Professor at the Centre for Welfare State Studies. 

Professionshøjskolen Lillebaelt, Odense, Denmark - UCL

S. Jørgensen, MSc

Ms. Sabine Jorgensen is Assistant Professor Social, and teaching general Social Work and theory of science. Another focus of her teaching is about children and adolescents, among others at the continuing education programme (improving oversight with institutions for placed children and adolescents).

She is member of the Board of the Danish Social Work Research Association (FORSA).


I. Skytte Jakobsen, PhD

Ms. Ida Skytte Jakobsen is Ass. Professor in Psychology, and her field of expertise is in Youth Welfare Work. Her research is in resiliency. A number of risk factors have been identified that have proven to be predictive of development of mental and social difficulties in children and adolescents. However, this relationship is probabilistic rather than deterministic, and the risk research has demonstrated that many people will go through serious and even extremely stressful experiences without developing a mental disorder. The construct of resilience, as applied on human development, denotes positive adaptation despite adversity. Knowledge about these factors have important implications for prevention and intervention.

Vilniaus Universitetas, Vilnius, Lithuania - VU

Prof. J. Buzaityte-Kašalyniene, PhD

Ms. Jolita Buzaityte-Kasalyniene is Head of the Department of Social Work (Faculty of Philosophy). She teaches social research methods and methodologies, theories of social Work, methods of non-formal education and youth policy. Her research focuses on youth policy, prevention of youth social problems, organization of youth social support at educational institutions and ecological perspectives in Social Work.

She is a member of the experts committee for Social Education at the Ministry of Education and Science, member of the work group (formed by the State Council of Youth Affairs) for Promotion of volunteering in Lithuania and takes part in an EQUAL project of the European Community Initiative: "FORWARD! Family and work reconciliation development".


Prof. dr. R. Lazutka

Mr. Romas Lazutka's research interests lies with Employment and Social Policy. He is chairman of the Council of the Institute for Social Research (Lithuania), member of the Experts' Committee of the International Council for Social Welfare European Region (Utrecht), member of the Council of the Lithuania Association of Social Welfare, expert of the Social Sciences Committee of the Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation, etc.

He participates in the network for the development of a European/international PhD, takes part in the Project on Quality Improvement of the Doctoral and Introduction of the Postdoctoral Studies in Social and Human Sciences. In 2006-2007 he was involved in the Erasmus Thematic Network in Social Work ("EUSW - A European Platform for Worldwide Social Work").


E. Sumskiene, PhD

Ms. Egle Sumskiene holds a Doctorate in Sociology. She is Lecturer at the Department of Social Work, and supervisor of the Bachelor and Master thesis. She has been involved in several national and international research projects, in some as coordinator, such as: 'Monitoring Human Rights in closed mental health care institutions in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Kaliningrad region'; 'Study on the specific risks of discrimination against persons in situations of major dependence or with complex needs' ; 'Images of mentally ill people portrayed by mass media in Lithuania', and other projects.


Prof. L. Zalimiene, PhD

Ms. Laimute Zalimiene's research fields are: Social Work and Development of Social Services (management of changes in the Social Work field, development of social services for vulnerable groups - elderly, children in risk families, drugs abusers etc.) in Lithuania.

She is member of the European Association for Evolutionary Economy (EAEPE), member of the supreme Lithuanian Social Work certification committee and expert of the Lithuanian Center for Quality Assessment for Higher Education. She is also the Head of the Bachelor programme of the Department of Social Work.

University of Málaga, Spain - UM

T. Carrión Robles, MSc

Ms. Trinidad Carrión Robles is senior lecturer at the Department of Nursing. Her teaching experience includes Public Health, Community Nursing, Public Health and Social Work, Sociology of Nursing, Transdisciplinarity, Health and Environment, Health Promotion andTechnological Innovation in Health Services. She has been guest lecturing at the universities of Amsterdam (Netherlands), Cuenca (Ecuador), Guayaquil (Ecuador), Helsinki (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden), Swansea (Wales) and Trujillo (Peru). She has done research in Health Promotion and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Family Caregivers and ICT, eHealth and eWellbeing, Socioeducational intervention and Web 2.0. She participates in the current project "Brain interaction system for disabled people"; Excellence Project of the Junta de Andalucía (Spain). She is also working on her Thesis project: "The effectiveness of socioeducational intervention 2.0 in promotion health and quality of life of family caregivers". Her publications cover 2 Books, 13 Book chapters, 4 Journals Articles, 5 Proceedings and 30 Conference papers.


Prof. dr. F. Cosano Rivas

Mr. Fransisco Cosano Rivas is an expert professor with a 18 years of experience in Social Work . He teaches in three Master degree programmes and three postgraduate degree programmes. He is the Vice-dean of Social Work at the Social Studies Faculty and he joins three research projects on Social Work. He has published four books and various articles in the scientific journal on Social Work.


Dr. M. Fernandez Alonso

Ms. Mercedes Fernandez Alonso is Assistant Professor in Sociology and Methods and Techniques of Social Research. She is a sociologist with a PhD in social policy whose main research interests include public policies (drugs and family), social networks, family and social welfare, the social policy of ageing (retirement) and evaluation of social policy.

She is researcher at the Project I+D "Social networks and social support" of the University of Malaga and the Ministry of Science and Innovation.


Prof. M. L. Gómez Jiménez, PhD

Ms. María Luisa Gómez Jiménez, is Professor in Administrative Law ( Public Law), and an expert on Housing Policy from the social needs approach. She was appointed visiting fellow at the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University and has been teaching in the Social Studies Faculty for more than 12 years. She has published a book and several articles in Spain and in an International Context. She is the Erasmus Coordinator at the Social Studies Faculty and directs a training project on internationalization at the School.


Prof. dr. M. de las Olas Palma García

Ms. María de las Olas Palmas García teaches in the Area of Knowledge of Social Work and Social Services. Her subjects include: Social services, Public system of Social Services in Spain, Social Work in the systems of social protection, Social Work and specialized Social Services.

She has been Professor in the Master's in Criminality and Minors (subject: "Social Intervention with conflicting minors"), and in the Master's in Intervention and Investigation Social and Communitarian (subject: "Social Policy and Services of well-being in Spain").

As researcher, she is member of the Writing Council of the Magazine of Social Work and Social Action DTS - Documents of Social Work. She is also member of the Research Group HUM590 (Quality of life and communitarian and organizational intervention).


Steering group, overall coordination, external advisory board

Steering group/local coordinators:

The steering group is as a consortium responsible for the management of the European Master in Social Work. Each member is responsible for the management and institutional anchoring of the master in the local university:

Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, the Netherlands Mr. drs. Michèle Garnier, Dean of the School of Social Studies
University College Lillebealt Steffen Svendsen, Vice Rector University College Lillebealt (responsible for both Danish partners)
Syddansk Universitet, Odense, Denmark Steffen Svendsen, Vice Rector Uiniversity College Lillebealt (responsible for both Danish partners)
Katholische Hochschule Freiburg, Germany Prof. dr. Cornelia Kricheldorff
University of Málaga, Spain Prof. María Luisa Gómez Jiménez, PhD
Vilniaus Universitetas, Vilnius, Lithuania Assoc. Prof. dr. Jolita Buzaityte-Kasalyniene, Head of Department Social Work

Overall coordination:

The coordinator is chair of the steering group and responsible for the execution of the everyday running of the Master programme:

Hanze University Groningen, the Netherlands Wim Nieuwenhuijsen
Hanze University Groningen, the Netherlands Renée Hesse, assistant

External advisory board

The external advisory board has an important role in the process of quality control of the programme, and regarding the monitoring of the progress of the complete Master programme.

Members are independent representatives from the professional field or higher education institutions having no further connections with the participating universities:

Anke Beuck, MA Member of the board of the European Association of Schools of Social Work (EASSW), and Dean of Aarhus University College, Aarhus, Denmark.
Connie Gunderson, PhD Professor at Saint Scolastica University, Duluth, USA
Drs. Cees Wierda Director of Bureau Jeugdzorg Drenthe, Centre for Youth Care, Province of Drenthe
Audrone Vareikyte, MA Adviser on Social Affairs of the Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania