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  1. The fee for the course which will run as of September 2015 is € 4,500 for the first year, and € 4,000 for  the second year. The normal period of time expected for completion of the study programme is two years. If you need more time than the initial two years, you need to re-enroll (at cost). The maximum registration period is 4 calendar years.
    In general, payments can be done at once at the start of the year or in 6 installments (September, October, November, January, February and March).

  2. Students following an elective as "stand alone" course will pay € 1,000 for the elective course, not depending on which course and where it is offered.


    • A scholarship application is a procedure totally separate from the application to be admitted to a master’s programme and is entirely your own responsibility. For more information see Scholarships.